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4164 Camellia Court, Westerville, OH 43081

Temperatures are taken for everyone entering the building
– Staff take their temperature and record the result
– All children have their temperature taken prior to entering the building
– Everyone toddler and older have their hands sanitized when entering the building and all staff and children wash their hands when entering the classroom

Only staff and children are allowed in the building
– Parents/Families are doing a drive up drop-off and pick-up
– Staff members are meeting families in the parking lot to take children inside or bring children out to go home
– All tours are done virtually and no prospective parents are entering the buildings

Staff wear masks (unless eating or drinking) at all times
– Parents must wear masks during pick up and drop off
– School-aged children wear masks (not when doing strenuous play, running outside, eating, drinking, etc.)

Eliminating as many shared areas as possible
– No longer eating in the cafeteria – all children are eating in their classrooms

Individualizing items
– Children have their own set of supplies to use that are stored in their own cubby
– Large muscle items are stored and used according to class
– Children are assigned chairs/table areas

Handwashing and cleaning regimen have been increased
Not allowing outside toys/items
– Only the following items are allowed to be brought into the building:
– Napping items
– Extra clothes/shoes to stay in cubby
– Bottles, diapers, wipes for infants
– Any items needed for distance learning for School-Aged students

Our School-Age rooms are assisting with distance learning and offering flexible options for elementary schools in the hybrid mode
Any inside or outside playground structures that are shared are sanitized regularly

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